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Operating Schedule

Maple Bear Academy is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 6:00pm.

We are closed the following dates in 2012/2013:

November 22nd & 23rd - Thanksgiving
December 25th 2012 through January 2nd 2013- Christmas Break
March 18th through 22nd – Spring Break
May 27th – Memorial Day
July 4th – Independence Day
July 29th through August 2nd – Summer Break
September 2nd – Labor Day
November 28th & 29th – Thanksgiving
December 25th through January 3rd 2014 – Christmas Break

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As a safety measure, children will only be released to their parents.

Should another individual be picking up your child, please notify us in advance of the change. If this notification occurs over the phone, the other parent will be notified. Identification will be requested from the individual picking up your child, as well as their vehicle make, model & license plate number. The individual must know the “family password”. 


Health and illness

When your child is sick, remember that it is you the parent they want and need. Please be considerate of the other children in care and keep your child home.

If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be notified and requested to pick them up immediately. This includes fever (>100.4F), lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes (excluding diaper area), discharge from the eyes, or other symptoms interfering with your child’s ability to participate.

If your child is taking antibiotics, they may return to school after 24 hours if they are feeling well enough to participate and the above mentioned symptoms have resolved.

Medication will only be administered from its original container. A medication consent form complete with instructions is required.

(Link to Medication consent form)



In case of emergency, one of the parents will be notified immediately. We ask that each family provide at least one alternate emergency contact should either of the parents not be accessible.


Drop off/Pick up

We understand that dropping off your child can be emotional for both of you. However, our experience has shown that it is less traumatic for the child if it is done quickly. A hug, kiss and some brief reassurance will ensure smooth transitions between your care and ours.

At the end of the day it is just as important for the transition to happen quickly. While we are always available to address parent questions/concerns and encourage open communication, our attention needs to remain focused on the children at all times.


Bringing personal items/toys from home

We do not allow children to bring their own toys.  A blanket and quiet time stuffed friend is permitted, but will remain at Maple Bear Academy.


Absences & Drop-ins

Please notify us if your child will be absent. Weekly fees are required regardless of attendance.

We understand that you miss your children during the day. Maple Bear Academy offers parents a unique opportunity to watch their children over password-protected webcam from 10am to 12pm every day.  

We also have an open door policy and parents are welcome to stop by anytime. However, if your presence disrupts the program, you will be asked to leave. If your child becomes upset when you leave, you will be asked to take them with you.


Toilet Training

We will be happy to assist with toilet training when the time comes, and as a cooperative effort between child, parent and staff. When the child is ready, parents will be asked to supply additional clothing (pull up diapers, pants, socks). Once the child has proven maturity with the toileting procedure, we will mutually advance them to underwear.



Children are disciplined in a positive manner at a level appropriate to their age and action. This is to ensure safety, promote self-discipline, respect for others, and respect for property. Discipline is implemented immediately following the troublesome behavior or infraction.

Biting is a serious problem and one we must all work on without delay to ensure the safety of other children at the Academy. Between parents and staff, we will work together on an action plan to discourage and eliminate biting behavior from recurring. THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE WHERE BITING IS CONCERNED. This is appreciated by everyone. We don’t want your child to be the victim either!


Parent Provisions

Parents are expected to provide the following items for their infants up to 20 months:
-Diaper rash cream/ointments
-Formula/breast milk (clearly labeled with child’s name)
-Change of clothes x3
-Sunscreen for infants 6+ months
-Vinyl bibs x3
-Craft apron

(link to print)

Parents are expected to provide the following items for their toddlers/preschoolers (20 months and up):
-Diapers/pull ups
-Diaper rash cream/ointments
-Change of clothes x3
-Bedding, pillow, quiet time stuffed friend
-Vinyl bibs x3
-Craft apron
-Cot for quiet time. These can be purchased new or used through the Academy. We will launder all bedding once per week and as needed.

(link to print)


Maple Bear Academy Provisions

Maple Bear Academy will provide the following items for infants up to 20 months:
-Diaper changing pad
-Face washing cloth
-High chair
-Tummy time play mats
-Whole milk or Soy milk (parent preference) after they have graduated from formula/breast milk
-Infant cereal & homemade first foods (advance diet as appropriate)
-Reusable water bottle
-Toothbrush (once child can walk)
-Daily diary entry re: your infant’s day

Maple Bear Academy will provide the following items for toddlers/preschoolers  20 months and up:
-Diaper changing pads
-Face washing cloths
-Sippy cup for water
-Nutritious, delicious snacks & lunch (see weekly online menu for details)


Fees & Payments, Late pickup

Please click on “Fees” for all information pertaining to this topic.




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